Hi there.

I'm Maryann.

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my smiley son, Isaac Jay and my first-love husband, Benny. 

I find pouring out grace and peace is a great way to encourage others to full-life living.

I like milky tea, the smell of garden dirt, and writing with frank-honesty and a little dose of awkward.

You'll find explanations of this blog here and here.  I don't actually write daily and the posts aren't true parables.  I'm just writing about God's truths through simple, everyday life details.
Sometimes I write for personal, therapeutic reasons.  Other times I'll picture a friend or family member who I want to encourage.  Or, I'll write when I just want to send a faith message out to the world.   

My writing website is found at It's "in development" as is my writing journey.

I hope you enjoy stopping in. 

Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.

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