Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 4th birthday, Isaac Jay

Dear Isaac Jay,
You turn four today.
A few days ago you drew this picture. You were crafting away on your own in the dining room and you called me in to show me this picture of your dad. I was blown away. Your first people-picture and it was so perfect.
I can't believe how quickly you're growing. Everything seems to be coming together. You love counting things, you're starting to sound out words ("goo", "boo" and "poo" are your favourites). You think whoopee cushions are the funniest thing ever invented. You love to be scared. You want all things scary... scary books, shows, stuffies. Oh, and scaring others... hilarious.   
You run and jump and run and jump and run and jump...
You're sweet and think of others. You're rough and tackle people to the ground.
You have an obsession with ears. You twist your own when you're tired. You put your hands on my ears when I put you to bed... on your daddy's ears when he's close to you... on your cousin, Rhys', when you're waiting in line at Cosmic Adventures and he happens to be beside you. I'm not sure what that's all about.  
I registered you for kindergarten next year. We were walking down the halls of the school and you said, "I can't believe I'm in my school." You were awestruck.  
You break my heart daily. Please stop growing... (but please keep growing).
Happy Birthday Boy-o.

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