Monday, January 20, 2014

Post-holiday thankfulness

Following the holiday craze, I'm counting thanks lately for:

  • Happy-New-Year hello's to friends. We'll-connect-soon's. Refreshed greetings.

  • Vegetables.

  • The basics, like, feet that step one in front of the other... then again and again into tomorrow and the next day and the next...

  • An overheard father-son conversation that went something like - "Well, Isaac, we don't actually know when we'll die. That's why we live each day fully... because it could be our last."

  • Teaching Isaac to read. His first words: Boo, Goo, Poo, Goop, Poop. 

  • Dr. Amy Proulx, food scientist, procini mushroom farmer extraordinaire. Lets me peek into her full-of-knowledge brain, see her life... then allows me write about it.

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