Thursday, January 2, 2014

New season

I was eager to take down the Christmas tree, the decorations, all the lights yesterday. I started while Isaac and Ben cuddled on the couch in the morning and didn't stop until it was all done... didn't want to stop until it was all buried away in the basement.

I'm eager in late November to pull out those little decoration boxes, to string the lights in the window, to hang wreaths and light Christmas candles. But when we ring in the new year all that beauty-crafty-fun turns over-done and tacky to me. 

What's beautiful and fitting and lovely in its season turns out-of-place and lifeless once that season's over. The decorated tree in January makes my home look like it's refusing to let go of the past, denying the here and now. It's a new season. 2014. Maybe just an artificial calendar season but life's full of seasons, isn't it? And January's the perfect time to let go of anything that needs to be released into the past... things that are already done-zo but still hanging on.

Yesterday I also hung some things up around the house... a clock that Benny's Grampy made us for our wedding. Some new gifties... a Raymond Biesinger pic of Ottawa, a world map for Isaac. This was even more refreshing than taking down the decorations. Hanging new views in our home.

What are you stepping out of this season? Saying goodbye to? Taking down?

And, more importantly, what are you stepping into? Focusing on? Putting in your view?

Forgetting what lies behind; straining for what lies ahead... (Philippians 3:13).

Happy New Year, friends.


Anonymous said...

hear, hear Mary!
I'm leaping! into joy, laughter, and fun! :)
xo B

Rachelle said...

I felt the same way this year - looked forward to Christmas, but a few days afterwards, I was so ready to take down the decorations and move onwards! My New Years breathe of fresh air mostly involved taking out the garbages though. :)