Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life travel companions

I renewed my passport last week. Sitting there in Passport Canada's waiting room, in these plastic chairs you sink into, focusing on passports... got me thinking about travelling. And who should invade my travel thoughts but my favourite travel partner, Ben.

Church Trip in Cuba.
The other day he and I were talking about a next trip and we said, "I love travelling with you,"... "I love travelling with you." It was our most special "I love you" of the day.

Together, we are comfortable, calm travellers. Travelling on my own, I feel more nervous... heart beating a bit fast through security, palms real sweaty at takeoff. I like to think Ben's like that too when he travels without me. Maybe not as extreme, but not quite as relaxed, wishing I was there.

When we travel together, it's seamless. Throw up any barrier... delays, cancellations, too-short stopovers in long airports, foreign languages, mysterious toilets.... no problem. We calm each other, problem solve together, ask "You have your passport? Where's your boarding pass?" We're quick to apologize for our grumps or our tired behaviour. We often sit quiet together, waiting. Just quiet waiting.

Airports and airplanes are kind of life parallels, eh. Going from one place to the next, one day to another, heading in a direction, carrying stuff around, overcoming obstacles, rubbing shoulders with others.

I'm thankful to have Benny with me in life. And even though I haven't travelled with many of my friends and family members, I know who's on this little life adventure with me... who I enjoy having along for the ride. Who, I hope, enjoy having me along for the ride too...

To bring peace, problem solve, sometimes have conflict then forgiveness...

A little quiet waiting side by side.


Pat and Ali said...

Great entry, Mary.

dwood said...

A lovely explanation of why every marriage should start with a great friendship and continue on with the admiration and revelation of all that person means to us in every part of our lives. So glad that you two are walking together.

Mary said...

Thanks Pat and Ali and Dave.