Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hope has come

Come all ye faithful
See the love, see the grace
That is born unto us tonight
Come all ye broken

See the love, see the hope
That restores everything that's been lost

Lines from this beautiful Christmas song, Hope has come, by Generation Unleashed.

I listened to this song a lot last holiday season... first when I was pregnant, then, painfully, after I had a miscarriage. I remember, after I had the ultrasound that showed us my pregnancy was over, we went to Ben's parents' place and Jenny played terribly cheesy music while we were there. She told us she didn't want us to associate any nice music with the sad feelings we were going through. So true that a song will stay with you, carry the essence of a moment into the future on your behalf.

In the silence of the night, all the stars bow down
Hear the angels sing... Hallelujah
Jesus Christ is born unto us this day

Last Sunday Ben and I were setting up for kids' work during the church meeting. We could hear Catherine and her music team practising this song in the other gym (we meet in a school, worship in gyms). I told Ben I was excited for us all to sing it later that morning.

But when the time came, I couldn't handle it. I had to leave the room. I was sobby.

Hope has come to us tonight,
Death is drowned out by His light
Hope is here and He's alive,

Takes our pain and lifts our eyes

Yet since then, all week, I've been singing it quietly to myself, first thing in the morning, in my cubicle at work, on my way home, with Isaac at night...

Sometimes the most difficult songs to sing, the ones that carry the weight of a time, are the ones filled with the most hope and truth... the ones we need to tell our souls to sing. I might not be able to sing the song in public without bawling, but I sure am singing it loud and strong in my heart. It's a battle cry, a determined vision, my life truth.

Come all ye weary
See the peace, see the joy
That's been born unto us tonight
Come sons and daughters and rejoice in His love
For in His name the world will find its hope



Wisdom Hunter said...

Wonderful. Thanks for your courage and your honesty.

Hope has come.

Rebecca Lau said...

Oh mary, I love you... This is your cousin