Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinterest mystery

This is the story of a mysterious robot cake.

It showed up on my kiddos pinterest board on Saturday, along with about five other robot birthday- themed pins. I noticed this one because people kept repinning it.  It was popular but I didn't know how it actually got there.
If you aren't familiar with pinterest, it's an online social media scrapbook where you "pin" internet images you like, such as house and crafting ideas, so you can remember them and create them in real life.
Here's something you need to know about pinterest: you don't pin things on other people's boards.  You are the only one who can pin things on your boards.
Right?  Am I right?
I know it was only a robot cake.  Nothing to get worked up about.  But how did it get there?  I was slightly freaked out. 
I told Ben: "Uh, Ben... something creepy's going on... I think someone hacked my pinterest site."  He told me I probably signed on to pinterest on someone else's computer and then didn't log out so something was pinned on my site by mistake.  I told him, no, that didn't happen; someone out there actually took over my pinterest profile and pinned random robot birthday-themed pictures on my very own personal pinterest site.
That evening my sister called to chat.  At the end of our conversation she said, "Oh, and I guess I better tell you..."  I knew what had happened before she explained.  Ben was right.  I forgot I had used her computer in Burlington and checked out pinterest while there.  I told her the weirdest thing was I couldn't figure out how someone would intrude onto my pinterest site and then pin things they knew I would like.  How invasive of them.  But it was only my dear sister... with the same kid cake preferences as me... pinning away.

The incident reminded me of the time in university when myself and my three roommates came home to find our toilet seats missing.  My first thought was that we had been robbed.  Of course, it was a prank our friends had played on us.

No Mary, the world isn't out to get you.
You're loved, you're secure, you're blessed.
Be free to think the best in situations... and the best of others.

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