Sunday, October 6, 2013

My apologies

I try not to apologize for blogging-related things, like not posting for a while or posting certain content.  It's a personal thing anyway.  This blog is my own little beast.

But I will apologize this time for my blogging break.

Unexpectedly, my absence was due to a re-evaluation of my writing activities.  I've been figuring out next steps and wondering about continuing my blogs.

My sister and I decided to close down Outside, At Home, our co-blog about gardening and creating, close to home.  It was time.  

I never want to continue doing something just because it's what I've always done (or what I've been doing for a while).  I want to be brave enough to try new things, to take risks.

I've been asking myself questions:

Why do I blog?

Journalling is an extension of who I am (as it is for a lot of other people I know).  When I write I process my thoughts, I encourage myself, I remind myself of who I am, and I develop into me.  Writing "fills my bucket" very quickly, to very full. 

Blogging adds a new dimension to journalling - a public dimension.  And I like that community.  I like connecting with others through personal writing.

Why daily parable?

I started this blog at the same time the idea of a writing business began to percolate inside me.  I thought, well, like anything else in my life, I want to give myself to God first and foremost in my writing.  And so I write about my everyday faith life.  Through daily parable I've found a nice voice and outlet.  I've been built up in my faith and I hope I've encouraged others too.

So, as you can probably tell by my tone and clarity, following this little blogging break I've decided to continue doing what I do here at daily parable.  But I'll be honest, I had been hmming and hawing and indecisive until this very morning, in my sister's kitchen in Burlington, when she said to me, "Why don't you keep writing on daily parable?" She knew I had been struggling.  We chatted it through and it was the most obvious thing in that moment, like, why had I been having this dilemma in the first place? 

And so I continue.

Thanks for your patience. 

Thanks for the fun times.

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Melissa said...

I am glad you're continuing Daily Parable. I love the way your fresh, honest writing brings everyday events to a more conscious and contemplative level. I love the way you model empathy, thoughtfulness and gratitude here on this site. I love the courage you show when you pour yourself out through your keyboard strokes. I think you inspire more than just me.