Saturday, September 14, 2013

Umbrella love

I walked behind a young guy one morning this week on my way to work.  Along St. Laurent, across Ogilvie, through the parking lot and into the mall I stared at his back along the way.

He was probably about sixteen and all in black.  Pants that were tight at the bottom and loose around his waist... too saggy low on his behind.  On his black hoody some sort of scowling cartoon monster stared back at me, upside down and bouncing with the boy's walk.

It was raining.  And, get this, he was carrying an umbrella decorated with bright pink and blue flowers all in symmetrical array. 

I created his story in my mind...

I thought perhaps of his mama.  She blinked and her baby turned to boy turned to near-man.  He acted tough but when his mama passed him her umbrella on his way out the door that morning, he didn't think twice because she'd done it so many times before. 

She said, "Remember who you are," and he carried that little remembrance of who he was with him out the door, down the sidewalk, into the mall, onto a bus.

Remember you're covered in love, remember you're protected, remember I'm with you... my son.

That's the Father's heart for us, everywhere we go, whatever we're carrying over our shoulders, whatever state we're in. 

The umbrella, all flowery and surprising, reminded me of this verse: Let his banner over me be love (Song of Songs 2:4). 

Grace covering us with extravagant love, a protective shield, always there.

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