Saturday, August 17, 2013

Displaced bicycles

There are bicycles in my dining room.

And I don't do well with such domestic states of disarray.

We're between sheds.

Last night we (aka I) decided we needed a new shed asap, so Ben, being the responsive husband he is, got right on it.  He researched about ten different ways to build the foundation, he read the instruction manual online for the one we were looking into, he told me it would take longer than I expected.

I had thought it would be a quick afternoon project.  I always think it'll be a quick afternoon project.

As Ben continued his research, I got impatient, anxious... I realized those bicycles would be in my dining room for days.  I had hoped for order.

And the thing is ...

Life isn't made up of tidy, formal dining rooms or pre-assembled shed deliveries.  There's often disorder and step by step and building little by little.

Ben said he wanted to make sure he got the foundation right.  I was so impatient I was thinking it didn't really matter if the foundation of our little backyard shed was perfectly straight.  But of course Ben knew.

So I'm embracing the journey.  There's nothing I can do about it, really.  And it's such a minor little blip.  Deep down I know this time will pay off.  Soon enough things will be back in their place and I won't even think about this time, this month, this project...

... when there were bicycles in my dining room.

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Melissa said...

In England, sometimes bicycles live in living rooms all the time! Remember how space-rich we are here in Canada. How lucky that bicycles in our living rooms is just temporary.