Monday, May 20, 2013

Thanksgiving from Dubrovnik

As we travel home from our trip to Croatia, I want to express thanksgiving for this time away.

I'm thankful for:
  • A friend (who lost a baby a few years ago) who suggested we take some time to get away after my miscarriage - just to take time to be together.
  • Ben's family who have cared for Isaac this week.  How nice to be able to leave Isaac and feel completely peaceful about his care.
  • Quality time with Benny in airports - stopovers, airport waiting rooms, flying through the night. 
  • The Acropolis - in awe at the masterpiece made by the hands of men. 
  • The friendly people in Dubrovnik, such as the man in the supermarket who took me step by step through the process of buying apples.
  • Walking the wall in Dubrovnik and thinking about this little town that recently experienced such terrible hatred and war and yet have built back their homes and lives and created a sparkling clean, safe, friendly space for people from around the world to visit once again. 
  • Thankful for the lovely people I've met through Ben's course this week - they study such difficult topics, such as murder, war, violence - but they have built a supportive international community to help them as they continue in this work they believe so strongly in.   
  • Thankful to come home to our smiley son, Isaac Jay.

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