Friday, April 19, 2013

This dreaming place

Photo courtesy of Setsiri Silapasuwanchai
Are dreams for a privileged few? 

I read a Harvard Business Review article at work recently: Managing Oneself by Peter R. Drucker.  

Drucker said:

"Throughout history, people had little need to know their strengths. A person was born into a position and a line of work: The peasant's son would also be a peasant; the artisan's daughter, an artisan's wife; and so on. But now people have choices."

It made me thankful that I can make life choices, that I can dream.

I spend time dreaming and planning for possible career changes.  I’d like to remember that it’s a blessing even to be able to dream like this.  I have a good education, I live in a country that’s doing well economically, I have been blessed with really wonderful job opportunities, including the one I’m in now.  I’m married and I can rely on my husband’s income at certain times just as he relies on mine sometimes too.  I’m not living in poverty;  although the quote mentions scenarios in the past, there are many people today, even in Canada, who are born into certain life cycles that are challenging to escape.    

Reading the article also made me thankful for where I am and content with what I have now.  I want to be wise in my dreaming.  What’s the reasoning behind dwelling on the future?  Am I just trying to escape today?  Can I be content where I am now?  I want to be wise and manage today’s resources and blessings well.

During Ben’s PhD work, he found that some of the youth he interviewed shared their dreams with him.  Big, elaborate, detailed dreams.  He asked them what role those dreams played in their lives.  He found that their dreaming actually sustained them.  They would remind themselves of a possible different life when in the worst of circumstances.  The dreaming would keep them in hope.

And so it is with God-sized dreams… Even though it may be a privilege to try out a career change, the bottom line is that anyone can dream because anything is possible.  God changes nations in a day.   He takes the least likely and asks them to lead.  He picks up out of one circumstance and plunks down into a life change.    


Anonymous said...

Loved this post today Mary. xo B

Mary said...

Thanks Beth.