Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sharing faith with kids - resources

I've been doing some intentional thinking about sharing my faith with Isaac.  A couple recent blog posts on (in)courage have been particularly encouraging in this way.

Check out: 

Heather Caliri's post called "Playing at Worship"


Sarah Markley's Teaching Our Kids to Embrace Grace

I think I appreciated them because they reminded me how simple life is and encouraged me - that in being myself, I'll share genuine faith with our son.

I also grabbed a few Arch Books from Ben's parents' place.  Ben said he loved them as a child and learned his bible stories from them.  Last night he read Isaac the one about the boy and his two fish and five loaves of bread.  Isaac loved the story.  Then I read a few more to him last night and this morning at breakfast Isaac mentioned the baby named Sam (aka Samuel, Hannah's son).  We talked about how Sam was a gift from God.  I told him he was also God's gift to us. 

Just wanted to pass on these helpful resources.  I hope they bless you!

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