Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy three years

Isaac Jay, you're three years old!
I asked Isaac what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "Balloons... and Cole and Amelia... and chocolate cake."  So we pulled all three together (thanks to Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mark), along with Isla and some hats and masks, and we threw him a birthday party, the first one he's had, actually.
On his real birthday, last week, I just iced some banana bread I made the night before and Ben and I sang happy birthday to the laddy after dinner.  He seemed smiley enough... satisfied enough...
But during his birthday party on Saturday I told him to sit down because we were about to have cake... and he said, "Banana bread is not cake!"  Everyone heard.  Everyone laughed.  He knows his ma and he knows what he wants.  He was pretty delighted to see - then taste - his chocolaty birthday cake.  

Well what a year we've had with our Isaac Jay... 

Smiley, happy... he's a sweet boy.  His heart is pure delight.  He loves playing with his ears and anyone else's he can grasp.  His nana says he might make them stick out that way so we're trying to cut him back... somehow.  My favourite time with him is reading books on our bed in the evening.  Cuddling close, side by side, he holds my hand or touches my ears.    

Full of energy... Isaac walks with a bounce in his step and a rhythm in his shoulders, usually humming or speaking with his outdoor-volume voice.  He likes balls and sticks and things with wheels.  He likes jumping.  I know, sometimes he ploughs his friends over (sorry Isla, Maddie and Tegan).  We'll call it energetic affection and untamed enthusiasm.  But he likes them... he loves his friends.             

Ben and I have had many parenting talks together this past year.  Sometimes they're just "what do we do now?" conversations.  Other times it's making plan B, or C, or H... because the first few aren't really working.  And sometimes all the questioning from when he was a baby comes back in full force... are we doing okay?  are we messing things up royally?  am I patient enough to be a mom?  Then a breakthrough will come, like he'll learn another colour, or he'll cover his mouth with his elbow when he coughs, or he'll show empathy, share a cheerio...  and Ben and I will smile at each other with this crazy overwhelmed love...

We're only just beginning... we love celebrating our boy-o.

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