Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bedtime prayer

As first-time parents Ben and I are learning how to naturally share our faith with our little growing son.  Our faith is such a central part of who we are, we want it to flow out of us in our everyday lives.  But I'm thinking that's an intentional practice too.  I'm learning.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Anyway, one thing we do consistently is pray with Isaac before he goes to bed.  Sometimes Isaac says "no" to praying or sometimes he starts singing in the middle of our prayers.  The best is when he makes up a little "no" song throughout the whole thing.  He's creative, that one. 

This evening I asked him if he wanted me to pray.  He said, "Yes please mommy" in the sweetest voice.  A ripe moment.

I thanked God for being good. 

I thanked Him for His love.

I thanked Him for Isaac... our wonderful boy.  Then Isaac, quietly, under his breath, repeated, "wonderful boy." 

I prayed that God would help him as he grows.  Isaac said, "I've already growed."  He had just shown me earlier how he could reach the light in the bathroom if he stood on a stool. 

I prayed God would help him as he grew more and he said, "But I'm still little."

He was listening and that's all I needed to know.

What a journey this Isaac mothering is. 

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wonder wilks said...

sniff. beautiful. that is one wonderful boy you're raising. :)