Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mr. Herriott

Comfort foods, comfort shows, comfort reads...

I've surrounded myself shamelessly with these things over the past few days. 

And in terms of comfort reads, I've turned to James Herriott.  I told my dad and he said, "Yes, there's nothing quite like him."  I'm not sure why I find calving and putting dogs down to be so good for my heart... maybe because my grandma loved the stories so much, maybe because nothing terribly tragic ever happens, maybe because it's just nice writing. 

And maybe it's because God speaks hope to my heart...

"I realised, quite suddenly, that spring had come.  It was late March and I had been examining some sheep in a hillside fold.  On my way down, in the lee of a small pine wood I leaned my back against a tree and was aware, all at once, of the sunshine, warm on my closed eyelids, the clamour of the larks, the muted sea-sound of the wind in the high branches.  And though the snow still lay in long runnels behind the walls and the grass was lifeless and winter-yellowed, there was the feeling of change; almost of liberation, because, unknowing, I had surrounded myself with a carapace against the iron months, the relentless cold." 
                                     -James Herriott, All Creatures Great and Small

Looking forward to that day... the hope of springtime.

See Benny's comfort music - words of springtime hope - here.


wonder wilks said...

amen. well said mr. harriot. :)
sending love your way.

katevp-a said...

i love that James Herriott as well. I've acquired a few more of his books if you want to borrow them. they are lovely.
sending peace.