Thursday, November 8, 2012

A friend I adore: Kate

Kate’s following 30 Days Hath November again this year.

The list reminded me that last year for “a friend I adore” she wrote about me.  I decided this year I’d participate in Day 4’s “a friend I adore” and write about her.  

Because I love her.
Kate arrives at the door on a Friday with Megan in her carseat under her arm and three large pink bags in her other hand.  Isaac yells, "ISLA" and they greet each other with full smiles and hugs ; Isla usually welcomes a Frisbee kiss.  Blissful chaos ensues.  Kate is a friend I can spend all day with.  For the past couple of years we’ve hung out together on Fridays, whether it was because Kate was on mat leave and I had every other Friday off work, or she was back at work and we hung out in the evenings over pizza, or she was back on mat leave… We naturally gravitate towards each other on many a Friday.  When our time together hasn’t happened for a few weeks, I feel slightly lost and have a lot of stuff on the inside to get out.  

Kate’s an awesome mom.  Even before she had Isla, she understood how to support new moms and what to say: Do what’s best for you and your family.  So when Isla came along, and now Miss Megan, she turned amazing.  She’s calm and wanting to steadily grow and improve in her mothering.  That means she’ll stay fresh and supported in these early days. 

She’s been there for me, and many others, in the Kate-est of ways.  If I’m having a hard time with something and Ben doesn’t know what to do with me, he’ll say, “Maybe you should talk to Kate about this.”  A couple weeks after Isaac was born, Ben secretly told her he needed her to come by because… well… it was a rough time. 

Kate and I have similar conceptualizations of super funny and crazy fun (except, she likes dancing a lot).  Super funny seems to be related to dumb things we do, beautiful things our children do (particularly when they’re together), or the terrible mishaps of others.  Maybe this is what everyone finds funny?  I can’t explain it… we giggle a lot.  Crazy fun usually involves a house project – building furniture, sewing, fixing something, painting, creating.  We’re do-ers, which feels so good.  Again, we giggle a lot.   

The craziest thing we’ve done so far is have babies… and then decide we want to continue spending significant amounts of time with each other with those babies in tow.  This results in flustered chaos.  But SO FUN!  We went on a trip to Montreal over a year ago with Robyn and Beth.  Since we were bringing baby Isla and Isaac along, we decided this would be an opportunity to show Robyn and Beth how you can still live it up with babies.  The trip was exhausting and centered around Isaac and Isla accommodations.  Our point was lost, but I guess it shows our mama friendship strategy: bring the babies along… figure it out as you go.

Kate is a Godly woman.  She’s comfortable in her own identity in Christ and doesn’t try to be anyone but the unique woman God has made her to be.  She’s content in the right way yet continuously growing in the non-striving way.  And that brings others security and ease when she’s around.

I love Kate.


katevp-a said...


thanks Mary, you sure are nice.
i'm glad to be having baby stage with you.

and i love you too!

Melissa said...

I love Kate too. She's like my BFF.