Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Set a fire

A house in our neighbourhood caught on fire when I was about ten years old.  I remember the terror I felt, seeing the flames shooting into the sky in the middle of the night.  It stood black and scorched, down our little road, for several years.  I would ride my bike past it, looking straight ahead, so I wouldn’t think about that fire fear I felt inside…  

The Lord has me thinking about fire. 

And it’s been a bit of a rearrangement in my thinking.  In fact, as much as I’ve trained myself to think the opposite, fire can be the best thing ever to take over our lives.  It’s not something to run from or be afraid of when it’s that consuming fire (Hebrews 12:28)… that God fire… refining, ridding of impurities, insecurities, chaff…

John said Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matthew 3:11-12).  Just as we’re filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, we’re also filled with fire?  Why?  He’s separating the wheat and the chaff.  And the chaff, the stuff that’s unnecessary and unuseful, He consumes with fire.  Gone-zo.

A spark sets off the ground cover, which sets off a tree, which sets off a forest… and off it goes indeed… no catching up to it or stopping it.  No control.  And that’s the beauty of that fire of God… you just have to let go of control because the reality is, you’re not in control anyway.

And what's that song Ben's been singing with his guitar before he comes to bed at night?  I listen to it with my eyes closed, nodding off to sleep...

Set a fire down in my soul
That I can't contain
That I can't control
I want more of You, God
I want more of You, God.

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