Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moments of gratitude

Lately I've been feeling little twinges of satisfaction in the simplest moments.  Nothing's really changed.  It's just a new feeling I've noticed.  I wondered if it was materialism or consumerism... like, if I really really really enjoy my made-by-Carla mittens, was I just loving the stuff? 

Then I decided it's thankfulness, contentment... the good kind.  Living in a moment, letting myself feel the richness of it. 

Feeling grateful for:

- The hot water pouring all over and through the tea bag in my mug;
- The taste of old cheddar cheese and apple butter on a little soda cracker;
- Seeds pouring into bird feeders... spilling everywhere... Frisbee eating them up quick;
- Isaac's Isla kisses, Kate painting their arms with face paint;
- Melissa's giggles over the phone;
- Isaac's smile as he spots his Daddy and Aunt Janie in the running racing crowd.

Linking up to Multitudes on Mondays, on this Tuesday evening.


Melissa said...

-Amelia's serious face but automatic dancing arms and rolling boppy head in the car when the radio gets turned on
-Cole's air guitar as he dances naked on the bed after a bath
-Stayfree Pads for 9 cents

Mary said...

Good ones, Melissa, good ones.

all6popes said...

Just stopping by from Ann's blog. Loved reading your list...sweet and simple