Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cole's little

My nephew, Cole, is little.  His parents call him "compact".  He's a sensitive, wide-eyed redhead with a big personality and short limbs.  To motivate him to eat his dinner, his parents suggest he better eat up so his little sister (more than two years younger) doesn't grow to be bigger than he is. 

The other day, Ben, Isaac and I were driving home with our friend, Amanda.  I mentioned that although Isaac's 18 months younger than Cole, they're approaching the same size.  Cole won't be handing down as many clothes as in the past since he's not yet outgrown the ones that would fit Isaac now.  We explained to Amanda how Cole's little.  We love talking about any of our nephews and nieces, so I went on and on a bit... because I love Cole. 

Then Ben noticed that Isaac was taking it all in and said we should be careful about what we say about Cole.

I pictured Cole and Isaac's next interaction:

Isaac: Hi Cole. You're little.
Cole: No I'm not. I'm a big boy.
Isaac (persistent joyful): No Cole, you're little.
Cole (persistent sensitive): I'M BIG!

In this imaginary interaction neither of them letup and one of them ends up injured and in tears. 

In fact, the pair had a similar interaction not too long ago when they both decided I was their mommy.  Cole was kidding but decided to persist.  Isaac, obviously, wouldn't let go of the argument either.  I'm his mommy, after all.  The debate went on and on.

The morning after our car conversation about Cole, I dressed Isaac in a shirt he hadn't worn before.  He liked it: "Ooo... mommy.  Nice shirt.  Is it from the store?" 

I said, "Nope.  It's from Cole."

Isaac replied, "Cole's little."

Oh dear.  The association has set in.

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Michelle said...

Great little story, Mary. Love those two. I can't wait to eavesdrop on their next conversation.