Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A response for friends

I'm linking up to Ann's site today.

And the topic is suffering. 

I feel it... this topic... at this time. 


A few of my friends are going through things.  They've recently faced trials you could say.  It's like they were going along, really well ... la dee dah dee dah... then they were kind of swept off their feet in unfair ways... by unfriendly events.  Pain, illogical emotions, an accident, a loss...

And I thought, okay, I've faced disappointment recently.  Maybe I'll know what to say or do.  But it's different and I don't.  I wish I did.

I thought back to Sarah W.'s preach on disappointment... I searched for my notes but couldn't find them.  I jogged my memory but couldn't remember all her points.  I dug around outside... I peered into the rain and the wind and the sky.  I delved inside too, racking my brain for solutions.

Then I remembered... it took me a while but I remembered... ask the Lord.    

So I asked, "What's the right response, Lord?"  How to share in suffering but not assume a certain state?  How to make room for heartbreak but believe for supernatural peace?

And the Lord told me - pray for healing.  Believe for healing.  It's not the secondary response or the not-thought-through answer.  It's the number one, absolute, best... the response of a friend.

So I pray for them, all four of them, for healing and health and wholeness and fulfilled promise.  Complete.  Total.  

And I think this is how we participate.  When others experience disappointment and suffering, we look at them through Jesus' eyes... we respond with what's only available through Jesus' suffering.  We hope on behalf of... we believe for... we see it... we call down... goodness.

"Surely our griefs He Himself bore, and our sorrows He carried" (Isaiah 53:4).

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wonder wilks said...

thank you for this maryann. you are a dear friend indeed! xo