Friday, August 31, 2012

Seasons come, seasons go

I wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday night – life group night.  And sadly, it was our last night of hosting life group for now, so I missed the transition out…

At the beginning of the evening, I thought I would put Isaac to bed early… but when people started arriving, he heard them downstairs and said, “Friends!  I have to see my friends!”  He wandered down on his own and I heard him stomping and jumping and I listened to make sure he was fine.  I heard Isak say, “Hi Isaac,” and Pat say, “Hi Isaac,” and Megan say, “Hi Isaac,” and they gave him high-fives and they shared little conversations with him and I knew he was fine.

I listened to the little groups chatting here and there and then everything quieted and they came together into a big group … I couldn’t make it all out but I knew Pat was sharing about changes.  Moving to a different house, expanding, shifts in leadership… change is good and vibrant and healthy. 

And later when Isaac had come upstairs, we both lay in his little bed and he fell asleep quite quickly; he had had his social fix.  And I marveled at how he slept through the talking and singing and bathroom door opening and closing.  And of course this is what he’s known almost every Wednesday since he was wee.  Of course this is what we do and he sleeps soundly through it all.

Hosting life group wasn’t a big role; it was a quiet, background role.  Simple serving, creating an atmosphere, participating…  and it felt good, so right.  And it helped us open up our home more, which is exactly what we were wanting to grow in.  And every week Peter encouraged us and said we were good at doing just that, opening up our home.  And others told us we had a peaceful space.  And that built us up.  I think we were all built up by being together, often in ways we didn’t feel right away.  And I felt I could go in and out and put Isaac to bed then jump back in, and sometimes I was only participating for half an hour, but I still felt part of it all.  That was a blessing. 

And I’m so glad for life groups and the community they bring.  I love that our group has welcomed many new people over the past two years… They make me smile thinking of them.   And sometimes I feel guilty about not getting together with some outside of the one life group night… but lying in bed with Isaac I realized how much seeing people once a week and chatting briefly one-on-one or hearing hearts shared to the group does build up closeness over time.  And it’s family, isn’t it.  Lovely, messy, loud, joyful, prayer-sharing family.   

From glory to glory.  What’s next for everyone will be greater than what we’ve seen so far.  Ben and I are going to spend more time in Gatineau, Ben’s going to sow into worship (not quite sure exactly what that will look like yet), and I’ll grow in writing more too.  Threefold ... plus.  Nexts.  Surprises to come, I’m sure. 

And I fell asleep there in Isaac’s bed, after marveling at his sleep.  With all the chatting and singing and laughing below.  Because it’s become so normal; it’s who we are, opening our home like this.     

And God has a plan for the year.  For all of you.  Seasons.

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