Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Resting place

It’s my birthday today!  Ben, Isaac and I spent the morning together at a gardening center.  Now Ben’s out to work for the afternoon and Isaac’s napping.  And what do I want to do more than anything on this, my birthday afternoon?  Catch up on some blogging.

I’m on two weeks of holiday.  I haven’t had this long of a holiday stretch since I went back to work after mat leave.  We’ve been to Peterborough and camping at Bon Echo and we have Ben’s 30th birthday on Friday then my cousin’s wedding on Saturday.  I may have to re-visit my tips for overcoming back-to-work blues when I start back to work on Monday!  I’m having a very fun time. 

When visiting my Ma in Peterborough last weekend I was thinking about how her house makes me very very sleepy.  Whenever we arrive, I’m super excited to be there and to see here, then as the visit goes on, my limbs feel heavier and heavier and I get sleepier and sleepier.   I often can’t fight the fatigue and end up crawling into a bed under familiar childhood quilts and comforters. 

The only reason for this that I can think of is my Ma’s home is a very restful place for me to be.  It’ll always be home where she is. 

While we were camping at Bon Echo, a Chinese family set up camp next to us halfway through the weekend.  I heard them before I saw them, and I said to Ben, “I hear my mother’s tongue.”  Any mother associations are comforting and restful.   

All that to say, yay Mom!  After this, my birthday, is through, we come to tomorrow, her birthday!!! 

I love her.    

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