Thursday, August 9, 2012

All aboard

The Perons began appreciating the Peterborough Zoo before we did.  Since I spent more time in Peterborough than Melissa, I was hesitant to think of it as anything more than a little park with slides and swings.  About a year after Cole had been visiting the zoo, we started bringing Isaac along too.  He hit that age where we had to start running him too.  This spring/summer he has learned to associate the zoo with Por-por/Grandpa/Kokum visits. 

I think we went three times last weekend. 

He rode on their train for the first time too. 

The woman selling tickets in the little train booth looked like she didn’t want to be there.  She leaned over the counter and talked in a bored monotone while organizing restless kids and hot parents.  I’m sure this wasn’t the last stop on her career path... a summer job, perhaps. 

But something happened when she put her train conductor hat on.  She put on a new personality.  She stepped out of her ticket booth and onto the front of that little train and in an enthusiastic voice that could match a Sesame Street actress, she yelled, “ALL ABOOOAAARD!” and drew the passengers into their train adventure through a Peterborough fairytale jungle.

I did a double take to make sure this was the same person who moments before was selling tickets in her sleep.  Then I started to giggle and couldn’t stop. 

The train girl was likely motivated by the expectations of her employer, her zoo bosses.  She was motivated enough to make the train ride unforgettable for the kids but not enough to completely hide her true feelings about the whole summer job situation. 

What energizes you?  It made me think again about when to rest and give into sleep and when to dig into those reserves of energy and push forward that much more only to find I can keep going...    

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