Monday, June 11, 2012

Treasured moment

I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s one thousand gifts and taking in her blog, a holy experience.  I’ve been meaning to link up to multitudes on mondays for a few weeks now.

What better day than today?

On this day, when I woke up at 5 this morning and decided to keep my eyes open... to get out of bed, which I never do at this hour... until now. 

I gathered up my bible and journal.  Frisbee and I went downstairs, I made some tea, and we settled onto the porch. 

No cars, no people.  Just a bird choir and wandering cats.

I settled in and read a verse and pondered it and was staring into the depths of our front yard tree when Isaac cried… hyperventilated… for his mama.  He didn’t understand where I had gone off to because, well, I’m usually there.

Daddy wouldn’t do and he was sorry it hadn’t worked out. 

I laid down in Isaac’s bed and he got all peaceful… then I cried a little at my lost moment.

Grateful for…

A new day and the blessing to enjoy its dawn {1}

The dog’s gentle morning presence under the porch; the security of her predictable routine {2}

A short meditating moment… it wasn’t long but could have been no moment at all {3}

A secure child’s early morning rest, his head pressed up under my chin {4}

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