Friday, June 22, 2012

First impressions

Ben and Isaac met me at the park by my office building for lunch today.  We picked up platters from “Chez Taffy”.  Yummy. 

Isaac played around the playground after lunch.  A girl, a little younger than him, wandered away from her ma and sat in the sand nearby.  Isaac went over to her, bent down, tilted his head to the side… and smiled.  Then he proceeded to show her his tricks.  He slid down the slide… looking at her; climbed up a ladder… looking at her; hung from the bars… looking at her.  The attention seemed to make her a little nervous.  

After a while she walked over to the bottom of the slide and leaned over one side.  Isaac ran over to the other side and leaned over, putting his face very close to hers.  I could imagine his mind going over all the impressive things he could do.  He would win her over yet.  Something had to get through to her. 

Then he thought of it.  

He smiled and said, “I pee on the toilet.” 


wonder wilks said...

this made me smile so big! too cute! oh that isaac! he is a catch indeed! :)

Melissa said...

Killer pick-up line!