Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eyes open in hope

I received the following email from a friend in response to Monday's post.  I thought it was too prophetic not to share (can something be too prophetic?)... too prophetic to just be for me...

"Hi Maryann,

I read your latest blog post yesterday.  It sounds like you had a lovely couple of minutes out on your porch!  The thing that stands out to me so much, even this morning as I'm getting ready for school and thinking about other things, is how you woke up and decided to keep your eyes open.

It's important right now that you keep your eyes open looking in expectant hope for what God is doing and what he is going to do.  You demonstrated this yesterday when you physically got up out of bed and went outside and waited on God in the peace and quiet. 

That's what your open eyes will do for your heart too; they will create an atmosphere of peace and quiet there.  Peace and quiet because of always looking at God for what he is going to do next."   

Thank you, Lord, for spiritual friends.

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