Thursday, June 21, 2012

Isaac speaks

Uncle Wes puts Isaac on top of the fridge...

It reminds me of a moment in May at the rented cottage with friends.  Uncle Ryan likes to make Isaac laugh with tickles to his ribs.  Isaac loves it… except when it becomes too much.  You know, when tickling turns from fun to wait a minute, I’m done being tickled but you’re not done tickling me and now it’s just uncontrollable, borderline torture!  Ryan tickled and teased and I could see Isaac’s face turn from laughter to fear to dread.  He was trying to stop Ryan with his arms and feet and face … to let him know he was all done… but his message wasn’t getting to Ryan.  I glanced at Ben from across the table and we both waited a moment longer before intervening.  That’s when Isaac got it out… he finally managed a “STOP!”, commanding the moment with one loud, confident word.  And Ryan, of course, stopped.

…I’m washing dishes and I glance at the Isaac/Uncle Wes fridge situation.  Isaac loves his Uncle Wes and Wes loves his nephew, “Gack.”  Isaac looks fine and I turn my back, knowing Wes is right there with him.  But then, with my back turned, I hear that same voice again… … strong, clear, with a little bit of tamed fear: “PUT ME DOWN!”  Wes, of course, takes him down off the fridge right away and notes how articulate Isaac has become. 

I think of what I do in similar situations - when the pressure’s on, when I’m poked and prodded, when heights seem so high and depths are deep deep.  Do I sometimes cry?  Or give up?  Or think, this is too big for me to stand up to, to stand up on?

And then I think this little boy is amazing.  It wasn’t too long ago that he was “Baby Isaac”… that he couldn’t say any words… that he was just working to lift his little head up long enough to look around.

Lord, help me to foster this strength in Isaac…
And may I too find my clear, commanding voice to still moments when the pressure's on.

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Melissa said...

So glad he has that clear, commanding decisive "NO!" for this weekend when his big cousin is around to try to hog all the toys.