Thursday, May 10, 2012

Words over a dog-porcupine incident

Frisbee encountered a porcupine on Saturday.  Jenny brought Rudy and Frisbee to Stony Swamp (they were caring for Frisbee while we were away).  Frisbee ran off, which is fine.  She always returns, but… oopsies… she returned with a few quills in her muzzle.  Fifteen minutes later she ran off again and returned with a face, mouth and muzzle full of quills. 

She bled all over their car, they were in the vet’s waiting room for hours, she had to be put under to remove the quills, then she had to stay overnight.  It was a bit of an ordeal… an expensive, time-consuming ordeal.

But Jenny didn’t see it that way… she didn’t speak of it that way…

She told us how good Frisbee was at the vet.  How she was the perfect dog.  She sat between Weldy’s legs the whole time, quietly, still, with quill pain running through her body.

She told us that she and Weldy bonded with the people in the vet’s waiting room.  They connected over their common experiences… beloved sick pets.  They shared so much with those people that near the end of their wait, one of them found out her dog had cancer and they all gathered around and comforted her.  Strangers turned to genuine, comforting friends.  The next day, as Jenny led her Sunday school class, she shared the Frisbee-porcupine-vet experience to highlight how Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s mother) and Mary (Jesus’ mother) bonded at the time of their pregnancies.  How they were able to comfort and strengthen each other through challenges in their shared experience.  Jenny used Frisbee’s porcupine encounter to teach about God’s Kingdom principles.

She didn’t tell us much about the vet bill.  Ben will have to pry that out of her.

I felt a bit rough – that they had to go through all that because of Frisbee.  But Jenny intentionally spoke in a way so we wouldn’t feel rough at all.  She turns experiences into good… good for her children and everyone else she comes across.  She’s intentional when it comes to grace and everyday life happenings.  I’m thankful for that… that by her example I learn how to approach family and time and money and life too.

“The tongue has the power of life and death…” (Proverbs 18:21).   

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