Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet sleep

Isaac was sick last week.  Nasty stomach flu sick, like lots of puke and other unpleasantries.  Kate would say he was feeling under the weather.   He got dehydrated.  He turned lethargic.  No smiles, lots of sleeping.  It took me a little bit to realize how serious this was then I felt mama guilt and like I have so much to learn.  In the midst of the lethargy, so contrary to his usual personality, I thought, “This is what he would be like if he was depressed.”  What a terrible, dark thought.  To think of our wonderful little Isaac boy in such a sad place.  It was a tiny, superficial taste of some parents’ realities.  That feeling, like, he’s not doing well.  Oh dear.

He’s recovered now.  He’s more than recovered – he’s changed and grown… because his growing up is a tangible, daily, weekly momentum. 

Last night I sat beside his bed as he fell into sleep.  After settling down, he put his hand over the side of the mattress to find mine.  I held mine up to his and he gently moved his hand over mine… each finger walking around my palm, the back of his hand to the front of his hand rolling over mine, his finger tips tickling my fingers.  Just for a few minutes, then he brought his hand back up, rolled over, and fell asleep.

Thank you, Lord, for health and peace.  Thank you for life and love.  Thank you for good gifts and the warmth of a moment. 

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Court said...

Awww, thanks for sharing your warm moment with us... stopped by from In Courage