Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ben came home from soccer last week as I was putting Isaac to bed.

"Come into bed Daddy?" Isaac asked in his own little way.

"I have to shower, Isaac.  I can't crawl into bed.  I'm stinky.  Peeyew."  Ben responded.

Isaac leaned over, sniffed Ben, and said, "Poop shower Daddy?"  I guess he thinks stinky only means one thing. 

"No Isaac.  I'm stinky because of playing soccer.  I'm sweaty."

"Poop shower Daddy.  Daddy poop shower."  Isaac was convinced.  Ben was a little taken aback.

Once Isaac's figured something out, it sticks with him.  He won't forget. 

On Sunday, Ben went for a run.  Again, he came back sweaty and told me he was going to hop in the shower.  Isaac, playing away, looked up and said, "Poop Daddy?"

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