Thursday, March 1, 2012

The weeping-bitter line

Beth encouraged me recently on sorrow and bitterness. So uplifting. Ha! I think Stevie W. mentioned it first.

She mentioned the story in 1 Samuel 30 where the Amalekites raid and attack Ziklag and they take captive the wives and children of David and his men. How very sad. They all weep out loud together and of course they have reason to.

But then their reactions veer off in opposite directions. David's men get bitter in their spirits because of their children. They even talk about stoning David (definitely not with him at this point). But David strengthens himself in the Lord and he seeks the Lord's will.

What a lovely line to draw. Not an easy line. It's okay to mourn in mournful times, but we can be aware not to cross over into bitterness. How very helpful.

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GM said...

Hey Mary!

Good posts! These last two are quite encouraging and timely!