Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Proud of this place

On Sunday Stevie W. ended the All Nations Church meeting by saying he was proud to be part of our local church…

I am too. My eyes well up; they’ve been opened up in awe at the quality of the people in this church family.

Some reasons why:

We move from strength to strength and nothing stands against that grace pattern.

When pressed and squeezed like grapes I really do see that the wine that flows out is deep, deep Christlikeness love.

I can see an integrity and determination to cover each other with cloaks of protection, speaking well of each other, exchanging hope and faith words.

I can see the fruit of the labour of our leaders who have selflessly mentored others and raised up new leaders. That fruit is: my friends emerging strong in their giftings and callings.

We have been launched into a new place. A mature, fear of the Lord place. Heavy in prayer. Soaking in the gifts of righteousness, peace, and joy.