Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ben's a rocker

We had our first front porch meal of the year a couple nights ago. Edem’s stew. I can’t think of any better meal to have in celebration of spring… thick spicy tomato goop, melt in your mouth beef, atop fragrance-filled basmati rice. And what better company than Annie sitting on the porch floor (she insisted) and Edem and Emily on the porch swing. Ben and I, like an old married couple, sat on our plastic rocking chairs: back and forth back and forth, together… well, not so together.

I was remembering that serenity that our porch brings, that lovely outdoor spring air, when I realized Ben was rocking ten times faster than I, rocking as if he was winding up to be launched across the street and over Rick and Rose’s roof into their backyard. Well, Ben thinks big, so he was probably aiming to be launched further… maybe into the Ottawa River for a swim.

I remembered that this is our front porch reality, this is the life we have together. The porch is to me a time to be still and to Ben it’s a time to rock hard or swing fiercely. I commented that I was remembering this and preparing myself for the many porch times of the year to come. Annie, from her occupational therapy lens, told us that rocking helps us find our inner equilibrium.

Ben was immensely satisfied with this logical explanation to his rocking madness. He looked over at me with a grin that I could hardly make out due to his increased speed, his rocking chair now a launchpad to the stars.

I kept my rocking at a simple, peaceful, back and forth subtlety.

I won't read into this too much - into Ben's drive and my domesticity, into Ben's initiative and my calculations, into my steps and Ben's launches... No, let's not do that; let’s just celebrate the time we spent last night on our front porch, the first of many summer evenings, enjoying good food, good company, our differences, our points of unity, our peaceful place.

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Melissa said...

I love that Ben uses his rocking chair as a "launch pad to the stars". You just choose different catapulting items as your launch pad.