Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy birthday boy-o!

I tell Isaac I'll make him a smoothie for breakfast. He says his favourite phrase, "I do it," and pulls up a chair to the counter. I let him spoon the yogurt into the big cup and he helps me add the berries and milk. He's so proud of his independence, yet he still calls out for his mommy in the night and snuggles in to fall asleep. He'll insist on sitting on my lap but he'll want to do whatever it is he's doing all by himself.

Happy Birthday Isaac Jay! Today you're two years old!

Playful, Isaac hasn't really come close to mastering the english language yet, however, he's decided he wants to give words shortforms and nicknames. Even though he knows the right way to say them, he says things like "moy" instead of "more" or "loo" for "soo" or "moose" for "mouse". As much as we convince him to say it correctly, he just smiles and says his own version. It's not a pronunciation thing, it's a play thing.

So social, a few of Isaac's favourite friends at the moment are Delyth, Edem, and Isla. Delyth calls him, "my Isaac" so he's decided he will call her "my Delyth." He calls Edem "Ellum" and calls out to her the moment he hears her stirring downstairs in the morning. At night, when going to bed, he often says, "more Ellum." On Sundays, we tell Isaac our plans for the day, with, "First we're going to the church meeting and you'll play with your friends, Isla and Delyth, and then we're going to Nana and Papa's." This past Sunday, Isla was sick and didn't come to the church meeting. At the end of it, as we were pulling the car out of the parking lot, I told Isaac we were going to Nana and Papas. He said, "First Isla?" What's a Sunday morning without Isla?

Ben and I aren't very much into certain "religious" routines that some may expect of us, such as prayer at every meal. We thank God for His provision, and sometimes we do this before we eat….but not always, not in a our-food-will-be-cursed-if-we-don't-bless-it sort of way. But Isaac has picked up on the times when we do pray before eating, and now, before each meal, sometimes in mid-mouthful, he says "amen!" and holds out his hands to us. And so, we've been thanking God for His provision at our mealtimes more often. And that's sweet.

I wasn't sure about the mix of feelings I would be feeling on this day, our son's second birthday. I expected a baby number two would be on its way by now and I've been working through accepting that we'll have more spacing between kidlets than I myself, if I had the choice, would have perhaps wanted, or thought I wanted. And with that, I also didn't expect I would be working full-time for this long after going back to work. But I must say, although it would be just fine if I was in a bit of turmoil, I'm not, and that's a lovely place to be in. So I can enjoy wee Isaac Jay in all his bigness on this birthday of his. Love on him, be thankful for him, enjoy each moment with him. Amen!


Melissa said...

What a clever and funny boy he's turning into. Cole would say he's a "little big".

katevp-a said...

Happy Birthday Isaac Jay!
Isla loves you too and has been missing your tackle hugs.

Mary it is a delight to see you be a momma and get to parent alongside you. (even if some of our friends think that having babies on trips to Montreal may be like having a disability ;)

love you guys!!