Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Faith over fear

Seven years ago, Jon took a bunch of us young folks from the All Nations to Root Camp: a wonderful extension of Graphite Bible Camp, just a few cabins on a lake, in the middle of nowhere. One afternoon, while exploring in the woods, through caves and among trees, a camp staff member drove up to us on his four-wheeler to tell Jon that Rhys, his little baby back in Ottawa, had had a serious fall, hitting his head on concrete. His mama was rushing Rhys to the hospital. Right away, Jon hopped on the four-wheeler and followed the camp road to the main camp and then jumped into his car and drove back to Ottawa.

Anyone near Jon along this journey to his son, could hear him saying over and over to himself, "Faith over fear... faith over fear."

I've found this stance to be very helpful to me along my way. In fact, I've been saying this phrase over and over to myself this week: faith over fear. How can we stop fearing or worrying when we have nothing to replace it with or when we don't know what to put above it? We can place steady faith over fear. We can replace worry with hope.

Things get in the way - what's happened before, or feeling like we have very little faith, or just the fact that sometimes it's very hard.

I think that's why Jon said it over and over to himself.

Say it out loud, let your own mouth remind your ears, let it sink into your soul: faith over fear.


Anonymous said...

Amen Mary! Faith over fear, and Christ over all! xo B

Ben and Maryann said...

Amen Bethy.

wonder wilks said...

and an amen to both your amens!
love you faith filled lovies!

Syl said...

I'll always remember when Jon said this great little phrase. I also have held onto it through many different situations in my life and found it very encouraging and helpful. I also pair it with Angela Hughes` "Get up there faith!"