Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keys part III

Melissa shared about our missing key fiasco over the holidays. Oh yes indeed, those who have followed previous key stories here and here are likely not surprised that the adventures continue.

I won't add much to Melissa's beautiful account of the event, except to say that we were certainly thankful for my family at such a time. The automatic responses from all of them were of humour and support.

Picture the power going out, only to discover moments later that we had lost our car keys. How strange to search for the keys in darkness, with flashlights, when only just minutes prior, the house was lit up, and knowing full well that soon enough, the power would come back on again.

Ben said that while he and Melissa were in the backyard, rooting through the snow at 10 at night, Ben thanked her for helping and she replied by saying she was just thankful for the time outside!

The best was when family members asked Ben to retrace his steps. He would mention that he took our dog to the backyard right when we arrived, with the car keys in his coat pocket. When asked for more details, he had to admit he had likely covered every inch of the yard, rolling around in the snow with Frisbee, chasing her from one end to the other, flinging himself in the snow, doing somersaults and cartwheels... this wasn't helpful in pinpointing exactly where the keys may have escaped.

And with Melissa sifting through the yard late at night, Mark lending us his car, Jay and Melissa pushing us out of Mom's icy driveway, Dad calling all the rental places in town for a metal detector, and Jay's hockey stick searching skills, of course we found the keys in the end. How could we have not found them with all the help given to us?

Our lives are rich with love.

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Melissa said...

And you enrichen our lives with ADVENTURE!