Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart smile

Ben, Isaac and I went to the Museum of Science and Tech on Saturday morning. We have a family membership and Ben and Isaac go every Daddy Day Friday. They have a routine; I just go along every once in a while to observe them in their element. They rock in the canoe, run through the crooked kitchen, ride in cars and trains and snowmobiles, say "boo" to the eels…

But the routine begins at the front desk. On Saturday we walked through the doors and the woman at the desk recognized Ben and Isaac right away. She was proud to know our last name without us even saying r. After finding our family on the computer and giving us our Member stickers, she said, "I know him because he always has a big smile on his face." Isaac looked at her with what started as a sly grin then grew into his full-faced, squinty-eyed smile. A signature smile for his laughter boy name.

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wonder wilks said...

oh, i really like this! so true!