Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Loftus

My favourite moment over Christmas...

On the 27th, Ben and I arrived at my Ma's house in Peterborough in a snowstorm. As we stepped into the house, everyone jumped on the prezzies. We were in the midst of the exchange when my Dad and Carmen arrived. I thought the gift passing might let up a bit, but no, instead of stopping, Dad and Carmen's arms were filled with gifts for them too. At the top of their consciences, perfectly timed, unbeknownest to the rest of us, Jay and Michelle delicately placed two identical gifts in my mother and father's hands at the same time. Each of them opened the gift while Carmen and Stan looked over their shoulders. Both were puzzled when the ripped paper revealed a frame with a black and white image inside. All four started talking the logic through until one of them noticed "Baby Loftus" engraved on the bottom of the frames. Eyes looked around and eliminated all possibilities but one... arms were thrown up in the air, hugs were given to Michelle and Jay, tears were shed, squeals were pitched. Life!

A few minutes later when the hurrahs settled, I noted how awesome I felt. What a blissful feeling, finding out someone you love has a little life growing inside them.

There's something about expecting a baby... that's how I started my six-minute preach at School of the Word about five years ago. We had just returned to Cardiff from Christmas in Canada and I had found out that five of my friends were pregnant. Not a mama myself, I was still overwhelmed with the joy of those babies to be born, the prophetic-ness of expectancy.

Anyway, back to Christmas with my family. Later that night, after Michelle and Jay's announcement, after the household had searched for Ben and my car keys for hours, after everything had calmed down, Jay was pushing us out of the slippery driveway. In the midst of Ben and Jay coordinating the big heave-ho, I couldn't contain myself: "Hey Jay," I yelled over Ben at the wheel and out the car window. "Yah?" Jay was concentrating on how to get us up the slippery driveway and seemed like he expected me to add somthing useful to the operation. Instead, I squealed, "Remember how you're going to have a baby?"

"Yah, I remember," he replied.

I can't wait.

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Melissa said...

Oh, dear, I'm crying now with the joy of it again! There's something about your BABY BROTHER expecting a baby (I wonder how he feels each tiem I refer to him as that).