Monday, December 19, 2011

Cold Africans

Lorraine came from Ghana in the Fall for school. In a Canadian sort of way, Ben and I scared her by describing our winters to her. Ben thoroughly enjoys doing this to newcomers to Canada. Before the shock of Ben's descriptions had a chance to leave Lorraine's face, we threw winter wear her way. Gloves, scarves, etc etc. Oh the joys of bundling her up in our front hallway in the warmth of mid-September.

Cold December days came along and I found I didn't have certain winter items - oh yes, they were sowed to Lorraine.

Scarf #1 - Last weekend I bought a little scarf from Cleo, under the influence of the Roebuck ladies.

Scarf #2 - The next day, Amanda A. gave me a little gift. The background story was that before I had my hair chopped short, the hairdresser said to me, "Okay, I can do it. I'll chop off all your hair but I have to tell you one thing [he was so serious]… your neck will get cold." I had told this story to Amanda A. So she bought me a scarf to keep my neck warm.

Scarf #3 - That same afternoon we said goodbye to Lorraine. She was going home to Ghana for the holidays. As she said good bye, she wrapped a hand-made purply green Ghanian scarf around my neck. Heavy and warm and African. I had given her a scarf without even realizing she had one herself, in her suitcase, to give away! It was a love-filled scarf swap that felt oh so good.

The other night Edison from Namibia sat in our living room. We had just gone carolling door to door so he was chilled to the bone. He thawed quietly with a mug of hot chocolate in his hands. When he asked if it would get colder than it was, Ben, with a twinkle in his eye, responded in his oh-yes-indeed sort of way. Then, with Edison's face still lit up in shock, Ben ran out of the room and came back with his beaver fur heat locker, and (don't tell my sister, the giver of this hat) popped it on Edison's head. I'm sure he'll wear it to May and maybe beyond. And how will Benny's ears stay warm over the winter? We'll just have to wait and see.

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