Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing confidence

If you want to have a good hearty battle with your thoughts - if you want to know what you really think about yourself - try writing a story or a personal essay. Writing, like parenting, can be an attack on your confidence. It's not a self-consciousness thing, it's an internal voice thing. While writing out your brilliant idea, you begin criticizing yourself: "Too repetitive, too cliché, wordy, awkward." These are sort of helpful, spurring you to write better, but they can easily turn to, "Not good enough, not getting it, not good enough, waste of time, not good enough… give up." I'm not usually so down on myself, but when I write a bit creatively, I have to battle many negative thoughts.

I write all day at work. If I were to attack myself in my inner thoughts through every email, note and presentation I write, I would fail miserably at my job. I wouldn't get past first lines or first rounds of edits. The more personal it gets, the more negative the thoughts. However, the more personal also has the potential to be the most powerful, the most beautiful, the masterpiece. It's a risky venture, writing. I've seen many friends freeze when writing theses and essays for school. I've seen ideas never turned to stories because of the thought battle that takes place even before a word is written.

But I'm thinking writing from our hearts and passions is a powerful tool - a way to speak into the technological/networked world we live in; a place for impacting lives. What an opportunity to reign in our thought lives so as not to deny the world our voices. That's a pep talk to myself. Feel free to let it splash over to you too.


Catherine & Nathanaël said...

Great post. This is why I too am returning to the blog. If my thoughts can encourage just one or two people in the right way- they are better written out then just kept in my head.

Ben and Maryann said...

Welcome back to blogging Cat and Nat. I love your writing - it really is encouraging. Maryann