Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From naval gaze to vast sky view

I love those moments that zoom me out of my personal life bubble and into the broader context of other life realities, world diversities, God possibilities, Kingdom of God interdependencies.

What's going on in the life of the woman I just passed on the street? What's in the heart of my friend I smile to on Sunday morning? What's my nephew dreaming of becoming? What's running through the minds of mamas my age living in Kenya, or China, or Mexico? What's important to the Lord? Perhaps not whatever it was I was administrating through my mind five minutes ago...

I've had a couple of these moments recently…

Moment #1 - My friend Mogey recently mentioned she's looking to volunteer at Matthew House, a safe-haven for refugees who have fled their countries and recently arrived in Ottawa. She's bringing her heart for international development work onto her local scene so she can live out some of those hard sought after dreams today. Zoom out… While Mogey spoke, I realized she was talking about people right here in our city. A conversation with Mogey drew me out of myself… that's usually what happens when Mogey talks.

Moment #2 - Sarah, about to give birth to her fourth child under the age of three, spoke to me about some families she had recently met. She mentioned their faith and the significance of their positive attitudes. Through speaking with them she realized she herself had been "naval-gazing". Well, my my, if Sarah, who, I would have thought, has many super valid reasons to be caught up in her family (four little wriggly "reasons" scooting around in diapers to be exact) … if Sarah could be zoomed out of herself and drawn in awe towards loving on and learning from these families, how much less could I, even for a minute, have reason to be caught naval-gazing?!

Moment #3 - I read about Amazina Ministries on the lovely Kate's blog yesterday. When only a teenager, Katie Davis started a child sponsorship program in Uganda. Today she lives there, has a home full of adopted girls and people in temporary need, she's started an economic development program and is working on opening a school… Whew… that's a major zoom out, all the way across the world. Where did I go? I've been swallowed up in the vastness of God's love for people and the power of the Holy Spirit to turn the world over, over and over, through our actions.

I'm reminded and inspired to look up, look around, listen closely to God's heart (hint: it's not hard, no straining necessary), hear His call, and pour out my life for Him.


wonder wilks said...

thanks maryann! you are so inspiring! i wrote a post a while ago about naval gazing {after one of our thursday lunches, i think} but never posted it & so i finished 'er up & posted it finally! thanks for the push!
i so enjoy reading your blog. xo

Peter Hartgerink said...

Thanks for this reminder. It's so easy to become self-preoccupied, but Jesus is always calling us beyond this to get caught up with His purposes.