Thursday, October 27, 2011

About daily parable

I just want to get something out here…

This blog - Daily Parable - it's not daily and it's not parables in the real meaning of the term. It doesn't literally live up to its name. There, I got it out.

It's sort of been this way since the beginning, since I decided I'd like to start this blog and thought up the name. I didn’t have intentions to write daily right away. Maybe I hoped I would get to that point. I don't see that happening anytime soon. But "daily" captures my practice of tuning in, with my Holy Spirit antenna, to what God is speaking at any point, daily, momently.

And I did do my research and looked up the word "parable" before sticking it after "daily"… I checked out its use in the Bible and in other literature. I know that parables are more like tales or stories, not just observations or similes on their own. I know that by definition the meaning in a parable is usually unspoken or implicit (although Jesus explained his parables to those around him). But the part of "parable" that I like is the illustration of God's truths through simple, everyday stuff. God speaks through others, through an activity, an event, a moment… that's what I want to dwell on, really. Again, it's a Holy Spirit antenna thing.

Things (including blogs) evolve and change … it's hard to determine the focus until it's been put into practice. At least that's what happens for me because I often learn by doing.

The story of this blog is that I wanted to write and I wanted to focus on the Lord throughout my day.
At life group, when I shared about being overwhelmed to be back at work, people prayed that I would find creative ways to connect with the Lord in the midst of it all.
I thought to start a blog, and it felt right, in a Holy Spirit sort of way, so I went for it.
I thought of the title.
I looked up the definition of parable. It wasn't quite right. But to me, it meant "in real life".
I decided not to pressure myself to write daily, but I wanted to regularly hear God speak.
And so the title stuck.

Consider this the "About" section of my blog. Only it's popping up now because the blog's a bit fluid, sort of organic. And maybe I'll have another "About" entry in a little while, acknowledging how it's evolved once again. But the name will stay the same… because it has a little ring to it that rings true to me… and I guess that's really what matters.


Melissa said...

Daily Parable is my every-few-days dose of perspective and I love the way you so delicately illustrate how God is alive in your life through moments that many other people might just whiz through and never reflect on. It helps me to reflect on my life and be thankful and joyful and peaceful.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~

katevp-a said...

it brings a little piece of peace to whoever reads it Mary!