Monday, September 12, 2011

Keys part II

The key fiasco continued...

Ben went to Thunder Bay this week with YNIS. He left early on Wednesday morning. As he was preparing to be picked up, I reminded him to leave the car keys for me. He was flying. He assured me he had left them on the key hook.

Ever since Isaac climbed out of his crib two months ago by propping up some books and leaping out, our morning routine is slightly intense. Isaac's independent play space in the mornings used to be his crib. I know, we only have one child, but it's challenging for us and that's just the reality of our lives. Anyway, this was my first morning in two months with just Isaac and I was trying ever so hard to be organized and relaxed. It didn't help that Isaac and I fell back to sleep after Ben left and then we slept a little too late and I woke Isaac up abruptly because he was sleeping on my chest. He decided he was insulted and would cry unless he was in my arms so I had a hard time doing my hair and makeup, packing our bags, making our breakfast...

Finally, I gathered up our things and as we flew out the door, I grabbed for the keys on the hook. But I got nothing in return... no keys. Remember how we only have one set? I backtracked and searched the house in high gear. I couldn't find them. Plan B. I strapped Isaac in the stroller and sped to child care then went on to work.

When I arrived at work, I was warm, to say the least. And, flustered. I called Ben. He and his mama were hanging out in the Porter airport lounge in Toronto. I pictured them chilling, laughing, having the time of their lives. I told Ben that I couldn't find the keys. He assured me he had checked twice before leaving to make sure they were on the hook. I told him they weren't there. He ruffled through his bag and reported that no, he didn't have them. He ruffled through his coat pocket. Ah, but yes, there they were, fellowshipping with some lint and coinage, in Toronto and heading to Thunder Bay, far far away from the Kia Rondo they belonged to.

Ben goes into auto pilot sometimes, especially when tired. He must have grabbed the keys from the hook on his way out the door since that's what he does every morning. He put them in his pocket and didn't think twice.

Isaac and I walked for the next two days... and the car sat in the driveway.

Funny story, eh. Like most things in life, we can choose to hear God through them. Top lesson, I guess: Love is patient. And boy, do I love Ben. In marriage, it's amazing how sometimes you feel like you have such a shallow reserve of patience. Then at other times, you realize that reserve actually goes on and on and on and on.

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