Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A gratitude list

Sarah (inner workings of a shellfish) is writing a gratitude journal - one thousand gifts that God has given her. It's beautiful. In her introductory post, she mentions Philippians 4:11-12. Paul says he has learned to be content. There is a conscious effort involved, a training per se.

Well, I won't attempt a 1000 item long list, but here's a little one I've been working on - gratitude in my workplace. I'm dreaming about the future, trying new things, planning for possibilities... but I want to be content where I am. When I first went back to work, God spoke to me about my work from Jeremiah 29:4-7. The Israelites were in exile in Babylon and they just wanted to get outta there. God knew it would take awhile for their freedom so he told them to build houses and settle down, plant gardens and eat their produce, increase and do not decrease, seek the peace and prosperity of the city. In short, live it up where you are now.

So, here's my list. I am happy where I am - I don't feel like I'm in captivity or anything!!! But I want to foster thankfulness in my workplace and learn to be content. I am grateful for:

1. Writing.
2. The click clack of heels in the kitchen.
3. "Bon Matin", "Merci Beaucoup", and "Bonne Soirée".
4. Breakfast meetings at Todrics.
5. Tangible work, tangible feedback, tangible praise.
6. Tippy tap of the keyboard, putting ideas to the screen.
7. Photos of Isaac in my inbox.
8. Concrete steps painted yellow.
9. Acronyms.
10. Lunchtime walks.
11. Cubicle talks.
12. Being Canadian.
13. Social programming.
14. 10-pager to 2-pager to 1-pager to presentation.
15. Clicking "send" the last time, on a final product.
16. Post-it notes.
17. To-do lists.
18. Happy security guards.
19. Thinking of Isaac hugs and kisses.


Melissa said...

20. That dude that can take a meeting's notes and make them into a song!

Ben and Maryann said...

Good one, Melissa. He was awesome. The facilitator at conferences who ends the day by summarizing everything in song.

Ben and Maryann said...

I love it Mary. Ben