Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh Martha

I had a Martha (Luke 10) moment last night that will serve as a reminder to take my time with truly important matters and not get caught up in doing.

The Roebuck household was settling in to watch the second half of the highly enjoyable "Fright Night" (1985). I was on the computer, trying to get something done before we turned it on. As I was typing away, Ben came into the room to ask if I wanted tea and what kind. Apparently I told him I wanted a caffeinated kind. He knew this was very unusual - I can't drink caffeine after about 3 in the afternoon, or I'm up all night. He clarified twice - yes, I was sure that's the kind I wanted. I continued typing, not registering what I was agreeing to.

He is sweet. He did exactly what I distractedly asked him to do. He gave me an extra big mug, definitely enjoying what I was doing to myself (I'm sure it didn't help that while we were away in Burlington I gave him a caffeinated cup of tea at about 8 at night - he thought it was decaf at the time).

We let our tea steep for a while because we were enjoying Fright Night like crazy. By the time we drank it, I chugged it back because it was cooling down. When I finished, he looked over with a grin and asked how I enjoyed my caffeinated cup of tea. I gulped, "What!?" Edem was there and witnessed the whole thing - my complete communication guffaw. She was giggling, so I thought they were both pulling my leg. I didn't believe him. I didn't think I would be so distracted that I would make such a mistake.

When we were crawling into bed, I felt pretty energized. Ben told me it was because I had caffeine flowing through my veins. Again, I didn't believe him. It took a lot of convincing - finally, he promised "In Jesus' Name" that he had given me caffeine because I had requested it.

I was too busy with the computer to take the time to stop and truly listen to what my dear husband, who just wanted to make me a cup of tea, was saying.

I'm on a journey... I have so many Martha moments in a day.

"Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made" (Luke 10:40).

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