Monday, August 29, 2011


I want this blog to reflect what's on my mind, day by day, week by week - things that are at the forefront. And so, I have to mention that Jack Layton's death had a great impact on me. Ben, Edem and I watched his funeral on Saturday and I cried through much of it. Isaac, on the other hand, woke from his nap halfway through and had a blast - he clapped with the congregation and danced to the music.

Looking back, during the English Debate for the Spring Election, we marvelled at how much fun Jack had. Then, on Election Night, we rejoiced at Jack's amazing victory to Official Opposition. What a beautiful moment for him - such a rush.

It really was a tragedy that Jack couldn't continue to enjoy his career, enjoy what he loved to do, continue to awe Canadians, continue political battles for social equality.

On Saturday evening Ben and I had dinner with our friends Andrea and Andrew. We talked about Jack's funeral all night. Even when we had tired the topic out, we still returned to it - out of the blue someone said, "Remember how Stephen Lewis called him a lovely lovely man?" or "Remember when…", or "Did you notice how…" We spoke about how we can accomplish so much in our lifetimes, how Jack's death made us wonder could we be doing more, how we want to be the kind of people who make others feel like we are truly listening, not thinking of something else or wishing we were somewhere else. Canadians have been left with a message to love, to hope, to be optimistic. And that's a worthy message, more positive and emotional than many Canadians usually let themselves cling to.

His death is something I don't want to let pass by - I want to feel it, to acknowledge it, to honour him. I guess that's why many many Canadians wrote messages in chalk, on twitter and facebook. And so, I have written my acknowledgement here.

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