Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Embracing life

The Perons came to visit this weekend. Oh, the bliss. I loved every minute of it... every chaotic minute.

I had Friday off and since Kate usually comes over with Isla on Fridays off, I invited her to join us. And then I invited my neighbour, Margot, and her baby Nora. And then we invited Thomas to come after work.

Babies cried and cooed, toddlers climbed and questioned, grilled cheese soared through the air, the oven door opened and closed, the jolly jumper creaked ... and we chatted and ate, giggled and shared life.

As more and more people were added to the mix, Kate's grin got bigger and bigger. She loved the action. She lives for the action. Melissa was totally loving it too.

Something happens when we embrace the chaos. It's just life - unpredictable, crazy, full living.


Anonymous said...

I agree it was chaotic and fantastic. It was many kids and many hands and much stickiness. But I loved the sharing of food and the sharing of stories and the sharing of children.

katevp-a said...

sigh, i sure do love the action!! this brought a few little tears to my eyes.

love you Mary.