Monday, June 27, 2011

Reminder of rest

Ben and I have been looking forward to sitting on our newly built front porch in the rain. On Thursday it was a rainy day, so we dug out our foldout camp chairs and parked ourselves under the section of roof that was already covered with plywood (as of Sunday, it's completely covered - hurrah!). We curled up under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn. At one point, Ben turned to me and commented on how he was definitely enjoying himself but I seemed to be beaming.

On Sunday, Toddy P. preached about God's grace. Everything we are and do is by the grace of God. As Toddy spoke, I thought of our front porch. I decided every time I was on it, I would use it as a reminder of God's rest. Certain aspects of nature can highlight to us certain attributes of God. I'm thinking we can create personal reminders for ourselves for our walks with God. I guess this is kind of like (but not exactly) how God told the Israelites to have specific days/celebrations to remember events that had taken place. Or, how Jacob and twelve representatives from the tribes of Israel built a stone memorial when the Israelites crossed the bottom of the Jordan River because the waters piled up.

When I leave my home each morning, stepping over our porch, I can remember that it's by God's grace that I will go about my day. And, when I arrive home each evening, I can think of God's rest for our family and the peace of our home. And when I read a book or chat with a friend on it, I won't have to try hard - I'll think of the lightness of my burdens and the blessings of this life.

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Thank you for writing another great entry. Your blog is a blessing!