Friday, June 3, 2011

Nature abhors a vacuum

I've been reading the Tozer devotional each morning at work ( It's one of the things I started doing to connect with God throughout the day, now that things are more busy being back at work and all.

Today's posting starts like this: "Science declares that nature abhors a vacuum."
Tozer went on to say that this is true of the Kingdom of God. I usually think of this like sowing and reaping - if we give of ourselves (time, service, gifts), we will have everything we need personally as well (in a running over and overflowing sort of way). But the source of this principle is the gospel message. "When we empty ourselves, God rushes in with His presence." It's not just about having our material and emotional needs met, it's about our relationship with the Lord. When we give up our lives to God, emptying ourselves of our selves, God rushes in with His Presence and with life in Him. It's not just an everyday life principle... it's the principle that our salvation is based on.

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